Fluid Power, Inc.


Fluid Power, Inc. offers premier products from global manufacturers of fluid power components. Fluid Power, Inc. maintains an extensive library of historical product information, and can identify and offer modern replacements for obsolete components.

Hydraulic products Manufacturers
Accumulators Blair-HSM, Milwaukee Cylinder, Schrupp Accumulators
Controls Electro Corp., Go Switch, Topworx
Cylinders Energy Hydraulics, Lynair, Flairline, Milwaukee Cylinder
Flow Dividers Slack & Parr
Fluid Conditioners Argo-Hytos, Dunham-Bush, Flo Ezy Filters, Allied Fluid Conditioners,
Thermal Transfer Products, Thermal Dynamics
Gauges Lenz, Micro-Mini HYdraulics™
Motors Eaton/Char-Lynn, Hartmann Controls, Lamina, Von Ruden/WSI
Power Systems Delta Power, FPI™ Powerpak™, Micro-Mini HYdraulics™
Pumps Delta Power, Delta Q, Hartmann Controls, Heypac, Double A Hydraulics®
Rotary Actuators Actuators Unlimited™, Micromatic
Valves Argo-Hytos, Brand Hydraulics, Delta Power, Flairline, Inserta™ Products, Micro-Mini HYdraulics™, Olmstead, Double A Hydraulics®, Sun Hydraulics, Vis Hydraulics
Winches – Hydraulic Lantec
X-Accessories Adaconn™, Daman Products, Inserta™ Products, Lenz, Magnaloy Coupling Co.
Pneumatic Products Manufacturers
Air Compressors & Accessories Curtis-Toledo, Hydronic Corp., Pneumotive, Rotron, Thomas Industries
Aftercoolers, Dryers & Accessories La-Man, Mobile Tool Int., Puregas
Air Filters & Silencers Monnier, Universal Silencer
Blowers Rotron
Controls Electro Corp., Topworx
Cylinders Flairline, Lynair, Milwaukee Cylinder, Rockford Air Devices
Filters, Lubricators & Regulators La-Man, Monnier
Pumps Pressure & Vacuum Air-Vac Engineering, Thomas Industries, Welch Industrial
Receivers Thomas Industries, Wood's
Rotary Actuators Actuators Unlimited™, Micromatic
Valves Automatic Valve, Flairline, Lexair
X-Accessories Lenz, Alpha-Fittings
Lubrication Products Manufacturers
Centromatic Lincoln Industrial
Kleanseal Lincoln Industrial
Material Dispensing Lincoln Industrial
Modular Lube Lincoln Industrial
Quick Lube Lincoln Industrial
Electrical Products Manufacturers
Coils Detroit Coil
Controls Argo-Hytos,Electro Corp, Go Switch, Sun Hydraulics, Topworx
Motors Baldor, Leeson, Lincoln Industrial
Sensors Electro Corp, Go Switch, Topworx, Xensor
Switches Barksdale, Go Switch
Electronic Products Manufacturers
Controls Flo-tech, Hedland
Joystick Indemar
Readouts Flo-tech, Hedland
Tachometry Flo-tech, Hedland
Mechanical Products Manufacturers
Aluminum Structures Framing & Components Parco Inc.
Brakes Mico
Clamping Systems Hydra-Zorb, Hydro-Craft
Couplings Lovejoy, Magnaloy Coupling Co.
Cylinder Positioning System Easymount/Unitrol, Temposonics
Drilling & Tapping AAA Products Intl/Jiffy
Planetary Gear Drives Auburn Gear, Heco, Von Ruden/WSI
Pump – Motor Mounting Adapters BSF, Magnaloy Coupling Co.
Tube Benders Lakeland Products
Vibration Isolators LDI Industries

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