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Custom Fluid Power Solutions Engineering and Integration

Over 60 years, Fluid Power, Inc. has served Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware with the highest quality custom fluid power solutions engineering and integration. Now Fluid Power, Inc. sources from vendors and ships products to customers on a global scale. Through the skills, efforts, and dedication of our employees, Fluid Power Inc. is committed to providing our customers with high quality, high value products and systems to help them obtain the best solution. Fluid Power is also committed to providing our suppliers by maintaining the high level of technical expertise necessary to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Integration and Assembly
A skilled fluid power components distributor can create circuits that are advantageously packaged in compact and efficient assemblies, offering numerous advantages that optimize hydraulic systems. Stackable modular components serve to reduce pipes and fittings, installation space, as well as reducing the opportunity for leakage. A simpler assembly reduces installation time and makes the system easier to service. Sometimes integrated control packages can be placed directly at the actuator. An integrated package is also optimized by selecting Individual components from a broad array of manufacturers. To support customer just-in-time delivery requirements, custom integrated packages may be stocked for rapid assembly and shipment.

Bar Manifold Assemblies
Bar Manifold assemblies are Bar mounted with stainless steel modular stacking mounts that reduce interstitial piping. A manifold comes equipped with a bottom and top return bar with flow and return gauges with associated pump set components, including pipe connectors with locking nuts, pipe inserts, and olives.

Heat Exchanger Assemblies
Components in a heat exchanger assembly:

  • Tube sheet bundle with copper tubes
  • Body shell assembly
  • Head and rear ends for tube

Duplex Filter Assemblies
Approximately 80% of all hydraulic system failures can be attributed to fluid contamination. A dual filter offers added backup and reliable protection against failure with convenient switching between filters. Recommended for continuous use applications, duplex filter assemblies are designed for ease of replacement, long lasting reliable service, and reduced maintenance costs.

Fluid Power Inc., provides services and products for a wide range of many industries, including Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Electronics, Fire Fighting and Rescue, Food Processing, Forestry, Machine Tool, Marine, Material Handling, Metal Forming, Mining, Oil Field, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, and Utility.

In addition to our high-quality products and services, Fluid Power Inc. counts our relationships with our employees, our long-term customers, and our suppliers among our greatest assets. Review our range of products and services, including bar manifold assemblies, heat exchanger assemblies, and duplex filter assemblies, and talk to a local rep today.

Fluid Power, Inc.